Speranta Nae Teaches at Alma Mater


Her vivacious personality is paired with a firm classroom manner that wins the hearts of her students as Speranta teaches in the English Language Institute this fall. She completed her Bachelor of Arts in English at MEU in 2016 and continued on to earn a Teaching Diploma in Secondary Education this year. Originally from Romania, Speranta has also lived in Mexico and Turkey where her parents served as missionaries. In speaking of her goals for the classroom, she says, “I expect to see my students improve, to make the process enjoyable, and to be able to see them complete the English courses and move on towards whatever the next big step may be.” Speranta spent some time at the Adventist Learning Center helping with the refugee children and it made a deep impact on her. “I want to make a difference in the lives of those who believe they don’t get to have a dream and work with people who cannot give me anything in exchange.” Speranta enjoys reading, traveling, and Mexican and Italian food and her favorite place in Lebanon is the Cedar Chouf Reservation.

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