About MEU

For 80 years MEU has helped students pursue knowledge in a faith affirming context and has inspired them to change their world. 

We are here to develop the thought leaders, educators, and professionals of tomorrow.  Our holistic educational model encourages real world experiences.  Our legacy of international, ethnic, and cultural diversity, within our student body and among our faculty, sets us apart from other Universities.  We envision informed responsible individuals ready to work and serve effectively in a dynamic multicultural context and in an increasingly complex and challenging world.

At MEU you will be equipped with knowledge, competency, character, and the belief that you can effect positive change in the world.  We provide a challenging academic environment that pushes you while assuring you have the support you need.  Our teaching faculty is accessible, committed to your success.

When you choose MEU, you choose a faith-based University.  You choose to be part of a community who intentionally nurtures spiritual and moral life as it integrates faith, learning, living, and service.  While Seventh-day Adventist Christian faith and values set us apart, you will find our campus both an embracing and a nurturing environment whether or not you share our distinct perspective.  It is a place where you can draw closer to God and realize more fully His purposes for your life.  We invite you to let us help you build a foundation for a lifetime of faith and service.

Our mission is to encourage you to find your role of service in this world.  As you step into this journey with us, it is my desire that you are ready.  Ready to be challenged.  Ready to grow.  Ready to change.  Ready to be inspired.  Ready to dream.  Ready to become more than you ever imagined.

With warm regards,

Dr. Larry Lichtenwalter
President of Middle East University

About President Larry Lichtenwalter

Larry L. Lichtenwalter is President of MEU, as well as Dean of the Philosophy and Theology Faculty and Director of the Institute for Islamic and Arabic Studies. He is a preacher, pastor, author, leader, systematic theologian with NT expertise, and holds a PhD in Christian ethics from Andrews University. Dr. Lichtenwalter is involved in education on an international level touching a variety of topics including ethics (personal, leadership, professional), leadership, biblical spirituality, and more. Dr. Lichtenwalter regularly engages the practical personal lifestyle, leadership, and service implications of our Adventist faith and mission. He and his wife Kathie are deeply committed to nurturing their community and they have five sons.