Freshman Program

The Freshman Class Program functions under the supervision of the Office of the Academic Dean. Students who apply for the Freshman Program are required to complete a minimum of 30 credits during the course of one academic year. The courses of the program include subject areas in Arabic (unless officially exempted), English, Humanities, Math, Natural Science, and Social Science and Religion.

For Lebanese students in particular, all courses and the number of credits taken during the freshman year must be in compliance with the specifications set by the equivalence committee of the Lebanese Ministry of Education. Upon successful completion of the program and all requirements, students are expected to receive the equivalency to the Lebanese Baccalaureate.

All requirements for the Freshman Class Program must be completed before students can advance to the sophomore level. The credits earned in the Freshman Class Program may not be used towards the equalization of the undergraduate degree program earned at the University. All Lebanese students who wish to enroll in the Freshman Class Program, whether in the arts track or in the science track, must note the following requirements:

  • Applicants should hold a secondary school certificate (Grade 12) from an accredited institution outside Lebanon based on twelve years of regular successive schooling
  • Applicants must obtain permission from the Equivalence Committee of the Lebanese Ministry of Education allowing them to pursue higher education on the basis of a foreign program
  • Applicants must sit for and pass both the SAT Reasoning Test and the SAT Subject Tests. These tests should be taken prior to admission to the Freshman Class Program