Our Faculty

Assistant Professor, Dean of Students
Refaat Abdalla, MBA
Joelle Barkanian, MBA
Dean, Faculty of Business and Associate Professor
Carlos Biaggi, PhD
Teaching Faculty
Silvana Biaggi, MA
Raja Farah, PhD
Eileen Ghali, MAT
Assistant Professor
Mark Hynum, M.D.
Assistant Professor
John Issa, PhD
Lina Issa, MAT
Dean of Faculty of Arts & Sciences
Amy McHenry, PhD
Director of Library, Assistant Professor
Farid Khoury, MA
President, Dean of Faculty of Philosophy & Theology
Larry Lichtenwalter, PhD
English Language Teacher
Felly Madakiwe, BA
Chair of Arts and Design
Brian Manley, MFA
Assistant Professor, Chair of Dept of Natural Sciences & Health
Nelson Martins, PhD
Science Lab Assistant
Steven Medina
Daniel Nae, MDiv
English Language Institute Coordinator
Speranta Nae, BA
Executive Officer to the President
Maria Shajiei, MA
Professor, Director of Research, Chair of Dept of English
Shawna Vyhmeister, PhD
Academic Dean, Professor, IT Manager
Ronald Vyhmeister, PhD