Women’s Appreciation Dinner

On Sunday, March 20, the staff and dorm ladies of MEU were invited to a very special appreciation dinner in honour of Women’s Day and Mother’s Day. The cafeteria was transformed into a delightful Italian restaurant complete with elegant menus, exquisite table settings, Italian themed music, and a beautiful candlelight ambience. Each lady was escorted […]

Stop Domestic Violence & Child Abuse Assembly

Cynthia, a 2nd year law student representing KAFA, shared a vital presentation on domestic violence and abuse of children for assembly on March 21. Violence is based on the subordinate status of women, affects all statuses and situations, and takes on many forms, including physical, sexual, financial, emotional, and legal abuse. KAFA seeks to spread […]

Business Manager Ehab Mouwad Returns to Teaching

After serving 5 years as business manager, Ehab Mouwad has requested to return to full-time teaching in the Business Faculty. In an interview with Dr. Leif Hongisto, MEU President, he affirmed Ehab’s monumental contribution to the University. The MEU board chair, Homer Trecartin, extended on behalf of the board a sincere appreciation to Ehab Mouawad for […]

MBA Students Learn Business Ethics

In the “Leadership and Business Ethics” class last fall, MBA students learned Mary Gentile’s “Giving Voice to Values” (GVV) approach to business ethics while using the cutting-edge educational platform Nomadic. “Nomadic online platform with its interactive features enriched my learning experience, made it easy, enjoyable and effective. The GVV course helped me to understand the importance of […]

MEU Student Baptized

Magdy Arabi gave his life to Christ in baptism at Middle East University on March 12, 2016. Born into an Orthodox family, he was first introduced to Seventh-day Adventists when attending high school. In 2008, Magdy enrolled at Nile Union Academy, the SDA boarding high school in Egypt, to continue his education. His brother and many Adventist cousins […]

Oil & Gas Symposium Synopsis

Oil & Gas Symposium at MEU Middle East University, under the patronage of His Excellency Arthur Nazarian, and with the support of prominent sponsors, hosted a high-level international Oil & Gas Symposium Friday, March 11, 2016. Over 400 VIPs, keynote speakers, students, and MEU representatives attended the 7-hour event highlighting vital topics relevant to the energy […]

Oum el Nour Assembly

MEU was joined by Bouchrieh Adventist Secondary School on Monday, January 11, to listen to a presentation by Oum El Nour. Oum El Nour is an organisation that provides information about drugs and treatment for substance abuse. Their rehabilitation centre was established in 1989 by a group of friends after they lost a friend to […]

Serving the Refugees

Due to the ongoing instability and influx of refugees in Lebanon, the University Church, Bouchrieh Church, and MEU have distributed clothing, food, medicine, stoves and blankets to more than 2,300 Iraqi and Syrian refugees over the past months.  Originally, local church members gathered money and items, but as time went on Mrs. Sana Issa, of […]


It is a tremendous blessing to have a vibrant and energetic chaplain. Even when university is not in session, Chaplain Andres Acuña and his hardworking team provide students with numerous spiritually and physically enriching activities to participate in. During Easter break, the activities were diverse. Throughout the week, students participated in discussions, hosted prayer groups […]

Impactful in More Ways than One

The impact of our South American guests on campus proved to be even more far-reaching than we had originally anticipated. The interchange between the South American families and our students and faculty came to a social and spiritual high last night when we celebrated a festive time of cultural diversity and new friendships. As various experiences were […]