Bringing Donations to Syrian Refugee Camps

The sadness of war has no limit, but when many hands work together, relief can come from small things that maybe for us go unnoticed in our comfortable lives and houses. However, for those in need, these small things are vital.

Last week, the MEU Chaplaincy teamed up with the Women’s Ministries Department of the University Church to help families in Syrian refugee camps in the Bekaa Valley. The group worked with the NGO Heart for Lebanon. The Women’s Ministries team collected numerous items from the community in preparation for the event, such as clothes, shoes, food, hygiene products, household items, and money. The money was used by Heart for Lebanon to purchase stoves that will be used to cook and also bring warmth to families in need.

When the day came to gather donations, some MEU students and staff members actually had the opportunity to aid the NGO with in-person distribution at four different refugee camps. The group also had the opportunity to spend time and converse with the families. This helped them to better understand the plight of refugee families and the difficulties they encounter.

Another group will soon be returning to the camps, and if you would like to join them or help make a difference in another way, please contact either Sana Issa, Teodora Nae, or Andrés Acuña. The NGO Heart for Lebanon can also be contacted directly at

Photos can be seen in our Facebook album.

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