Inauguration of First Romanian Lebanese Library

The ANCI Association and PROEMA Publishers celebrated 50 years of diplomatic cooperation and relations between the Middle East and Romania at Middle East University on Thursday, May 25. The event included a launch of the first Romanian Lebanese Library in Lebanon featuring a large display of books that have been translated from Arabic into Romanian and vice versa. Special honored guest speakers included Romanian ambassador Mr. Victor Mircea, Marmarosh Mayor Mr. Gabriel-Valer Zetea, ANCI/PROEMA representative Mr. Alexandero Peterliceanu, and Patriarch of the Syriac Church in Lebanon Father Moran Mor Ignatius Aphrem II. Mr. Michael Karsifi, MEU faculty pictured to the left, hosted the event along with the assistance of Mr. Farid Khoury, MEU Director of Library Services. In addition to televising the event, local media interviewed Mr. Karsifi after the event on both TV and radio. Events such as these provide MEU opportunities to increase awareness in the local and international communities.

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