MEU Students and Staff Distribute Goods to Refugees

On Saturday, October 1, approximately 40 Middle East University (MEU) students and staff members joined with Bouchrieh Church to distribute food items as well as donated clothing, shoes, and other necessities to Syrian and Iraqi refugee families.

Once refugee families registered, they were able to pick up a food packet before proceeding to the “shop” MEU students and staff had set up the previous day. The “shop” had clothes, shoes, and house hold items. Refugees could choose what items they needed.

Pastor Basim Fargo, the pastor of Bouchrieh Church and Iraqi native, and his wife, Basima, felt called to help the Iraqi refugees who were arriving, some with only the clothing they were wearing. In November 2014, their friends and relatives sent money to help purchase food items to be distributed. The first distribution happened in December 2014.

Through the years, this program has helped 2,910 Iraqi and Syrian refugee families and approximately 14,550 individuals. As of August 2016, there were 18 successful distributions.







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  • Ron
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    Does MEU have a formal program for “witnessing” to the refugees?
    Would there be a need for someone from America who would like to help the refugees?

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