Pass/No-Pass Grading Option

Dear MEU Community

Please see the attached policy, valid ONLY for Spring 2020, as approved by Academic Board.

As you can see, each student will have the option of selecting a regular grade (A-F) or a Pass/No-Pass (P/NP) for each of their classes. Notice that the deadline for choosing this is one week AFTER the last grade has been entered into the system (so at least a week after the student’s last final exam). The student choice of a grade is dependent on many factors, including (but not limited to) GPA and intended study after completing studies at MEU.

Given the complexity of the decision, and the fact that our campus is small, each student is required to communicate with their academic advisor (the same person that must authorize each registration) before making the choice. All students are also able to speak with the Registrar and/or their Faculty Dean. We will be sending out an email closer to the time with the detailed how-to of the process for students. The grading process for faculty is no different than in a regular semester.

We trust that this policy will relieve some stress (unfortunately not all). We wish each member of the community all the best as we move towards completing this semester.

2020-PNP grading-Final

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