President's Message for International Students

August 10, 2020
Greetings, MEU International Students:
In light of the horrific explosion which brought devastation to Lebanon’s beloved capital city of Beirut, it is only natural for you to ask:
Why should I choose Middle East University?
Should I still come after all that has been happening in Lebanon?
This has been an enormously painful week for the citizens of Beirut and of Lebanon.  Sadly, Lebanon’s needs have been brought before the world.  But in God’s providence, in this tragedy, we are praying that Lebanon could even emerge more able to accomplish God’s purpose in this region.
Your opportunity is greater . . . to be an influence, to bring hope, and to share with others the good which God brings out of such devastation.  Because of some unique recruitment plans that were in place even before the blast, we are seeing God bringing us more Lebanese students who will need our encouragement and friendship.  Most are disillusioned about their future—feeling hopeless, helpless, angry, paralyzed. You can bring the presence of God into this hurting and dark place.
I want to affirm your choice to pursue your studies at Middle East University.
I want to assure you that MEU is as safe and quiet a place to seek knowledge, affirm your faith, and catch the vision of a life of service as it ever has been throughout the University’s 80 years of academic excellence.
You will learn and experience things here that will forever change your life.  You will be inspired to be someone who will make a difference in times like these.
Yes, come after all that has happened in Lebanon.  Come!
Come, and in time you will learn the many reasons why you’re coming has been a very good choice.
Larry Lichtenwalter

You can find the letter for download here.