Student Life

Student Association

Every undergraduate student registered for six or more credits becomes a voting member of Middle East University Student Association (MEUSA). This organization, guided by a constitution, allows for democratic student leadership and functions as a liaison between the students and the instructional faculty and administration.

The MEUSA has representation on certain University committees; it sponsors social, recreational, and scholarly activities, and it coordinates the publication of the University’s yearbook, Pine Echoes.

Social Recreation

The Student Social Activities Committee and the Middle East University Student Association sponsor a variety of social functions. Students should take note of advertised campus events that cater to a variety of interests and consist of sport tournaments, indoor and outdoor activities, music and talent exhibitions, cultural and humanitarian programs, field trips, campus fairs, community service activities, assembly meetings, and spiritual gatherings. The MEU administration recognizes that students have numerous ideas for creative events and activities; therefore, they will find ample support and organized avenues to help them convert their thoughts into action.