The Leaves of Autumn in Thanksgiving

On Friday evening, September 8, Alex Clemente, our Literature Evangelism Coordinator, led out in a beautiful celebration of thanksgiving to God for how He blessed the summer program. We were inspired to see how our university students were involved in this meaningful ministry. Many of us also used to do literature evangelism and have found it to be a very unique way in how God can help us in our personal development in relating to people and sharing God’s good news with them. We listened to students share their testimonies, with the ups and downs, and each one, reflecting on their experience, concluded that their experience was ultimately positive as the joys balanced out the hardships which faded into the background. Although momentarily sometimes one may feel an unwillingness to go out into the community, how rewarding it is when so many people make you feel embraced and show you how your presence makes a difference. This was the core feature of each testimony as they were thrilled to be partners with God in reaching out to the people. How exciting it is for us who have been part of this work in the past to see how each generation can be united again in the same enthusiasm that comes from God. We are very thankful for Alex’s energy in organizing this work. He has established a Literature Evangelism club to equip students with better means and tools as they prepare to go out over Christmas break and next summer and greet new people again with the good news.

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